Costly programmes of rehabilitation of patients with stroke do not make sense, proved the doctors

Basic adult actions, such as throw the ball in the basket or card game, help recovering after a stroke not worse than the expensive recovery program. The experiment in St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto with the participation of 141 patients with stroke complicated by problems with movements of the hands and upper body, proved, most importantly, the attention to human and systematic training.

The patients had received conventional rehabilitation program. After one of her patients went on a two week course of lessons with the use of gaming consoles and the use of virtual reality technology. The second half was quite entertaining in the usual way: playing cards, exercising and doing other physical activity. Significant differences in the results of treatment of scientists have not noticed.

In the first and in the second group increased dexterity of the patients had improved motor skills. People gradually adapted to the execution of basic skills. It turns out that modern technology and new principles in rehabilitation medicine big sense. In some cases, a sick person can recover at home, if the relatives will deal with it.

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