Cosmetics facing early menopause

According to the researchers, cosmetics, hairspray and household plastics contain chemicals - phthalates - contribute to early onset in women is menopause. The fair sex is experiencing the greatest impact of these chemicals, the onset of menopause occurred at 2.5 years earlier than usual. There were cases, when the onset of menopause ahead of the normal period of almost 15 years.

Previous research proved that phthalates adversely affect human health, namely, increase the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity. According to the latest data by the American experts, in addition to this violation of the chemical compounds in the work of the reproductive system, in particular, ovarian cancer, what causes early menopause.

A group of scientists headed by Natalia, Grindler from the University of Washington in St. Louis conducted blood tests and urine 5700 women on phthalates content. It was found that the subjects with the highest doses of the chemicals detected in the samples, the onset of menopause was noted earlier by 2.3 years compared with others. If the typical age of onset of menopause is 51 years, in this group of women, he started at the age of 49. As told to Dr. Grindler, there are cases of early menopause on 15 years earlier, i.e. when reaching 35-36 years.

According to experts, early menopause can be a cause of increased risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. According to Grindler, the negative impact of premature menopause on the female body - no doubt. Although the findings of preliminary research, it is enough to speak about the negative impact of phthalates on the female reproductive system, including in the long term.

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