Cosmetics company Johnson&Johnson was in the center of a scandal

For the first time the court allowed such a claim. The company was ordered to pay $ 10 million to the family of the deceased woman. Another 62 million the company must pay as a penalty for concealing information. In 62 years, the woman died from ovarian cancer. Relatives insisted that the disease developed due to exposure to talc on the reproductive system. The woman used talcum powder Johnson&Johnson for 35 years.

Talc has invented a very long time. This means many women are widely used to prevent diaper rash in the crotch area. However, not all take into account that talc can enter directly into the urinary system. When a combination of certain conditions this factor can cause inflammation and cancer development.

Scientists from Brigham Women's hospital analyzed the group from 8525 women with ovarian cancer. Data were compared with a control group consisting of healthy women 9800. The data obtained were in favor of the plaintiff: cancer risk with regular talc use on the perineum increased by 24%.

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