Cosmetic eyelid surgery - features, protivopokazaniya

Plastic surgery has become for many a great chance to correct some of the shortcomings of their appearance. If our prababushka had to put up with the shape of the nose, ears or eyelids, which they bestowed by nature, the modern beauty willing to go for surgery to correct droopy ears or remove a hump on the nose.

Among the most popular procedures - blepharoplasty lower eyelids, in which excess fatty tissue and skin are removed, strengthens muscular status, i.e. the face after she looks much younger and fresher. Along the way, the surgeon helps to get rid of some wrinkles and bags under the eyes. This method is struggling with Poziom - a disease in which omitted one or both of the century. You can also slightly change the shape of the eyes, lifting their corners.

Typically, the average age of patients seeking such surgery is in the area of 35-40 years, however, it happens that operated in earlier periods, removing fat herniation.

Distinct Asian features are characterized by a particular shape of the eyes and shape of the century, therefore, the owners of such appearance often order sangapuri, i.e. the formation of the characteristic folds of the eyelid, due to which the eye looks bigger, and the ciliary margin becomes more pronounced.

Any surgical intervention, aimed at the correction of the shape of a century, preceded by preparation. To begin with, the patient must undergo special medical examination to ensure that contraindications to surgery. If you bothered conjunctivitis, glaucoma, or blepharitis, it would require preoperative treatment. Strictly contraindicated blepharoplasty with a strong myopia and chronic eye diseases.

The second important point for 14 days before surgery, you should avoid taking drugs that affect blood clotting, can not drink alcohol and smoke. Sun exposure to minimize, since tanning is also not recommended.

When the operation is most commonly used local anesthetic. Usually the whole process takes about 60 minutes (when sangapuri - a little more time). The rehabilitation period is short, but the patient should strictly follow the doctor's prescription, in any case, avoid touching the eye area. It is not recommended at this time to watch TV, use the computer and even just to read. Avoid bright sunlight. Of course, unacceptable makeup. Postoperative bruising resolves in 4 to 7 days, during this same time, decreases swelling, so at the same time remove the seams.

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