Corporal punishment in the future adversely affect the development of children

Each parent chooses methods of child rearing. Someone is a supporter of comprehensive permissible, someone holding a child with a rod of iron and uses spanking as the only true method of education.

Colombian scientists have conducted research aimed at studying the influence of corporal punishment on children. It turned out that spanking is still often used in families of America as a specific punishment for disobedience. While scholars argue that such punishment affect cognitive processes in the child and in the future may lead to the processes associated with memory impairment, according to Science Recorder.

About half of the mothers and one third of the fathers admitted that he used spanking as a punishment of his child, until he was five years old. While scientists say that these children failed to cope with the tasks on vocabulary, when they had reached the age of nine. In addition, these children often happened emotional explosions and crises.

The present study was to analyze more than five thousand children in twenty American cities. Initially the data were obtained by scientists from Princeton and Columbia universities and was going for two years. Poll about corporal punishment was carried out every two years after the birth of the child.

The data obtained were rather large and were able to establish the influence of many factors on the mental development of the child, for example, late registration, definate behavior, the incident of domestic violence, or Vice versa, the constant support of the father during pregnancy.

Scientists say that the mental development of the child can affect not only physical punishment, which no doubt have a serious impact. Important and the level of intelligence of the mother, the presence of stress during pregnancy, depression, impulsivity, and other qualities that affect the cognitive abilities of the child in the future. It is worth noting the influence of maternal age, level of education and wealth, the sex of the baby, his goosenest and many other factors. Scientists say that a child's education should be based on complete trust and positive motivation.

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