Corn flakes and white bread contribute to the development of lung cancer

There are other products, which significantly increases the risk of cancer. Scientists from the University of Texas found: high-glycemic index foods contributes to the reproduction of cancer cells. The results of the work done tells NDTV edition.

The glycemic index is a parameter that reflects the content of carbohydrates in the product. Patients with diabetes, doctors do not recommend eating a lot of carbs for one meal. Apparently, this recommendation is useful and healthy for people.

The researchers compared the health status of different population groups. Take into account the level of education of volunteers, their diet, bad habits. It turned out that foods with a high glycemic index was slightly increased risks of squamous cell lung cancer. If the person however has smoked, the likelihood increased even more.

Note, a direct link between carbohydrates and cancer does not exist. Scientists suggest that a rational approach to the preparation of the diet, which should be present and proteins, and fats, and carbohydrates.

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