Copper causes Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's disease is one of the most common forms of dementia. The disease is degeneration of the nervous tissue and are often found in the elderly age. With a variety of symptoms, produce and General symptoms: worsening short-term memory, further long-term memory, cognitive decline, inability to adequate logical thinking. To date does not provide for the cause of the disease, there is no adequate treatment, which cures the disease, and not from some symptoms.

CNN Health writes, that made a certain breakthrough in the establishment of disease pathogenesis. It is established that copper inhibits the excretion of toxic protein beta-amyloid, which accumulates in the tissue of the cerebral blood vessels, forming plaques. Copper is contained in large quantities in drinking water in some regions, shellfish meat, many vegetables and fruits. Adequate amounts of this compound is useful and necessary for brain development, nervous system, bone tissue. Includes copper and some of the hormones that regulate the internal environment of the organism.

Scientists made the experiment on laboratory mice, including in their diet water with copper in medium quantities. Roughly obtained from the diet.

As a result of analysis of brain tissue of rodents was revealed the accumulation in it of the protein toxin. In addition, disrupted blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from being hit by the destructive substances.

Some Supplements today contain large concentrations of copper. Scientists warn: do not abuse these drugs and to monitor the level coming into the body of copper.

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