Copper as the best protection against infections

Microbiologist bill Keevil from environmental groups health at the University of Souhampton presented a study on the antimicrobial effect of copper on antibiotic-resistant organisms. Because of the survival of pathogens on conventional medical surfaces in the hospital often happens infections that are resistant to antibiotics. Dr. Cavil offers to supply hospitals antimikrobnami copper surfaces, because they consume a significant amount of fungal, viral and bacterial pathogens.

Extensive laboratory tests have shown the effectiveness of copper against key pathogens. The test of such surfaces with copper in the intensive care units of hospitals in the U.S. have led to a 40% reduction in the risk of acquiring nosocomial infections.

The study was funded by the U.S. Department of defense to reduce the distribution of infectious diseases. The level of pathogens in rooms with copper surfaces is reduced by 97 percent, this result can only be achieved after cleaning after each visit the patient in the doctor's office.

It is likely that soon the copper in U.S. hospitals will be the most common.

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