Copper alloys to prevent the spread of bacteria

According to experts, door handles and railings made of brass stop the spread of superbugs, and that is why it is advisable their installation in public areas.

According to The Telegraph, copper and copper alloys have an impact on the resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics. The surface of steel and plastic, on the contrary, contribute to the spread of bacteria in contact with them.

In that case, even if the bacterium dies, its DNA is transferred to other bacteria on the same surface. And copper and alloys of copper "kill" and also DNA.

Professor bill Keevil from Southampton University, emphasizes the importance of such properties. Copper-containing materials destroyed within two hours 99.9% of pathogens at room temperature.

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Resistance to antibiotics is usually one bacteria, which subsequently spread to others, but copper and copper alloys interrupt this chain.

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