Cooked whole piece of meat gives more strength

In cooked meat that contains more energy than raw, and perhaps it is this type of food has helped the evolution of man.

Cooking meat increases from him energy, but also raises questions about the diet of modern humans.

Scientists from the Department of evolutionary biology at Harvard University conducted a study in which they fed some mice of various meat and other sweet potato for 40 days. Some mice received raw meat other cooked whole piece or cut.

The change of body mass index for each mouse, as well as their activity showed that the prepared meat, prepared with whole pieces, makes mice more energy.

These results also open new questions about the evolution of man. It's amazing how people don't understand the fundamental properties that they consume food, the man rubs the meat, cut into small pieces - all this affects the amount of energy that can be obtained from food.

Ancient people ate raw meat 2.5 million years, however, about 1.9 million years, they began to develop and evolve. Their bodies became more increased the complexity of their brain, they were able to run on pancake court. Some theories suggest that the increase in the quantity of meat in the diet and its preparation, which has supplied sufficient energy for development.

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