Conversations help for depression

It turns out that ordinary conversation is quite capable of taking people out of depression - this is the conclusion of British experts. In psychotherapy, this method has even got its own name razgovorchiviy. In a way this helps to treat even the most "running" cases.

As it turned out in the course of the research, in cases of deep depression, when conventional drugs are antidepressants are not effective in the case of the use of "healing talk" chances for success grow at three times.

Science knows that a considerable number of patients with depressive syndrome is not amenable to classical methods of treatment using drugs. In this experimental study, organized by professional psychologists from the University of Bristol participated 470 people, who suffered from an incurable classical method forms of depression. In the survey, all respondents were divided into two groups. One of them was conducted cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is a kind of conversational therapy. The treatment was combined with the popular types of antidepressant medicines. The second part of the group through the usual medical treatment.

The research result was surprising scientists: after six months in the group that was treated with conversation, better said 46 percent of the respondents. Among the "medicamentation" only 22% showed a positive trend.

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