Conventional antibiotics can help children with lack of body weight

Scientists believe that antibiotics can help children gain weight. The data were fitted by the staff of McGill University. The most effective antibiotics show among the youngest children of the poorest countries, writes The Times of India.

The researchers conducted an analysis of changes in children with different body weight and growth. Results were examined 4316 children from countries with low living standards. Children aged 1 to 12 years received antibiotics.

All subjects had reduced growth and weight. The main reason is that malnutrition is associated with poor quality of life. Antibiotics in most cases helped improve children's physical development.

Growth increased by an average of 0.04 cm and a weight of 23 grams per month. The strongest effect antibiotics have had on young children from Africa. It's hard to say what caused this phenomenon.

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Researchers are advised to consult your doctor before prescribing any drug, including antibacterial agents.

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