Contusion knee - symptoms and treatment

A knee injury happens quite often, especially in children, what to do if it happened?

First of all, you should know that by yourself you cannot diagnose injury of the knee joint, it will not be able to put even the doctor, without hardware diagnostics. Knee pain can present as chronic illnesses like arthritis, and fracture or torn ligaments as a result of injury. If set wrongly diagnosed with bruised rather than broken, then a couple of days can appear quite serious complications will increase the body temperature, there will be a strong inflammation in the knee joint.

Symptoms if the injury is not very different from the symptoms of fracture are pain, burning, place of injury swells and swells. Symptoms are worse with time, if not to start treatment. May be a complication in the form of hemarthrosis and synovitis. When fracture occurs, the inability to move the leg, but only if the fracture occurred at offset. If the diagnosis after x-rays remains questionable, it is possible to do an ultrasound of the joints. Also as a method of diagnosis of contusion of the knee joint used magnetic resonance imaging.

First of all, after injury of the knee joint, you should try not to move, immobilize the joint and to go to the hospital for diagnosis.

Worth treat contusion of the knee joint itself, only if it has a light form - no bleeding, excessive swelling, damage to the meniscus or bones.

In the daytime it should be up on the site of the injury elastic bandage, and on the night of his capture. Help relieve inflammation in the joints such ointments as diclofenac or Nemesis. Worth RUB the ointment several times a day in the area of the knee lightly, or make a compress of ointment. Ointment Diclofenac relieves inflammation and pain. Leg it is advisable to keep the above, it is possible to enclose the pillow. On the first day after injury, you can apply ice to reduce inflammation and swelling. Later you can apply rubbing alcohol, if the inflammatory process is not progressing.

The doctor may prescribe physical procedures for a speedy recovery - type electrophoresis or magnetic therapy.

Often a knee injury occurs in the winter due to slippery surfaces, sports or active games. When all of these risks can protect themselves anti-slip pads on the shoes in winter, or knee in sports. It is easier to prevent disease than to treat it.

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