Controlled dreams can be called via electrical stimulation of the brain

The man rarely dream, in which you can control. However, they can be invoked using electrical brain stimulation, writes Live Science. Dr. Allan Hobson (Harvard University) proved that the use of pulse 40 Hz allows to increase the duration of dreams to 77% of the total time of sleep.

The study confirms that controlled dreams the reality. At this time, two States of consciousness (sleep and wakefulness) are superimposed on each other. A person's character is projected onto a dream in which he can make decisions and influence the plot.

In the study, the researchers stimulated the electrical waves of the brain of volunteers in two minutes after falling asleep. Most after awakening could share experiences.

Stimulation pulses at 40 Hz increased the activity of gamma waves in the brain. At stimulation frequencies of 25 Hz activity of gamma-waves fell. Other frequencies are not produced in the brain of a sleeping man no effect.

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