Control the level of cholesterol in your hands

Researchers from the University of North Carolina found that the majority of patients with risk of cardiovascular diseases neglected by the adoption of recommended statins. Statins are drugs, inhibiting cholesterol synthesis, which significantly prolongs the life expectancy of patients with heart disease.

A year after the recommendation of a physician only 48 percent of patients continue to take statins, after 10 years of loyal instructions are only 27 percent. Study author Jennifer Mason complains careless patients, because lowering statin cholesterol in the blood significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Regular taking of statins increases the number of saved years of quality life, on average, two years compared with people who ignore doctor's orders.

Doctor from North Carolina decided to develop an effective method reminders to patients about the need to take medication - whether electronic diaries, regular consultation with a doctor or other effective method. People need to understand that taking statins can easily give them two more years of life, and it's worth all the effort.

Such carelessness to his own life can not be confusing if people destroy their health, bad habits, because you can't give yourself pleasure, what causes them to deny yourself the pleasure to live and fully enjoy life?

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