Control of taste receptors increases the life expectancy of scientists

People distinguish between tastes thanks to the taste buds on the tongue. Scientists have shown that these receptors contribute to the total duration of a person's life, writes The Times of India.

Data were established in the course of the experiment with fruit flies. If you disable the taste buds, it is possible to control the duration of the life of insects. Scientists have confirmed the assumption: bitter foods will reduce the life expectancy and sweet increase this figure. A very important indicator of the recognition of the taste of water. If the fly could not recognize the taste, she lived to 43% longer than usual.

The data obtained in the study demonstrate the influence of sensory perception on health, says Scott Fletcher from the University of Michigan.

Loss of taste provokes changes in the body. The body begins to adapt to the feeling of lack of information and vital substances. In the end, changing food choices nutrition and behavior of the organism.

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