Control cholesterol with club soda - coup ideas about healthy food

According to the portal, Pepsi announced the release of Pepsi Special, supposedly able to lower cholesterol. According to the manufacturer, the product is distinguished by the presence of dextrin - form of the polysaccharide, blocking the intake of fat in the body and controlling the pressure level.

According to the information of Pepsi and its Japanese distributor Suntory in 2006, a study was conducted on rodents, in which the dextrin has provided a lower than normal concentration of absorbable fat. The Ministry of health of Japan decided to give the new Pepsi product name as a way of improving health".

At the same time, the product has caused distrust among independent experts. First, the study in 2001 confirmed the property of dextrin to increase satiety (the consumption is limited to 72 calories at the next meal), but not to reduce cholesterol. The effectiveness of the drink needs checking.

While it is assumed that declining a drink of cholesterol due to a decrease in appetite and consumption of food. In addition, soda does not cease to be soda with negative effects on the body. At what level in Pepsi Special contains sugar and corn syrup, is not yet known.

However, the risks associated with the consumption of soda, doctors have enough information. These drinks cause a person developing heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes. On the recommendations of experts, more attention should be given to oats, barley, vegetables, Semechkin and peel apples, as being able to really help in slowing down the absorption of cholesterol.

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