Contraindications to the Dukan diet

Contraindications to the Dukan diet. Before you start to follow a diet Dr Dukan diet it is advisable to consult with your doctor and learn, do not enter if you are in the risk zone.Protein Dukan diet is contraindicated to the following people:

Just remember that if you are taking any medicines, before you go on a diet, consult your physician, as the Dukan diet is not compatible with certain medicines such as antidepressants.Deficiencies of protein foods. - Cost. Meat, some fish and seafood are very expensive. However, offal, eggs and dairy products are more affordable products in the price. Food enriched with protein, contains a lot of waste substances that can harm the health. The fact that protein food does not dissolve completely in the body, so the body accumulates waste, such uric acid. However, if you do not have kidney disease, your body must cope with the excretion of waste, it needs to increase the amount of consumed water. This is one of the prerequisites protein diet Dr Dukan diet. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. The kidneys remove from the blood uric acid with sufficient water consumption. In his book, "I can't lose weight" Dukan talks about his patients predisposed to kidney stones and gout. While being on the Dukan diet, they increased the amount of consumed water up to three liters per day. For all time of the diet of his patients did not increase the concentration of uric acid, and the third was even reduced. Additionally, Dr. Dukan diet were even a few patients with one kidney, while they also managed to successfully lose weight, without causing harm to their health. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water during the diet, especially in its first stage, when you eat pure protein. In addition, protein is necessary for processes such as updating blood cells, wound healing, hair growth, maintaining the muscle system and even the normal functioning of memory. On 1 kg of weight need at least 1 gram of protein.

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