Contraindications for plastic nose

Rhinoplasty will never lead to a satisfactory result, if we neglect the contraindications to its implementation. In situations where the patient is deliberately hides from the doctor some information, and when the operation has not examined the patient, there are various complications. What States belong to the contraindications?

The presence of inflammatory processes in the body

Plastic surgeon has the authority to perform surgery, if the skin of the face and nose of the patient there are pustules, sites of inflammation, wounds, etc. because there is a certain risk of infection in the blood. In addition, in terms of the pathological process worse heal tissue and more common complications of the seams. Ideally, the operation is also contraindicated in chronic sinusitis, the presence of carious teeth and other lesions that threaten the distribution process.

Common severe disease

Uncontrolled arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease, malignant neoplasms, diabetes - all these and many other conditions create conditions that threaten the difference between the two groups of complications. First, a number of them may occur directly during the operation. Nose is often carried out under General anesthesia, therefore, to predict how they will behave under these conditions, the patient, the body cannot. In addition, severe pathology affect the postoperative period: the speed of recovery, the rate of tissue healing and so on, such patients are more frequent purulent and other complications of rhinoplasty and aesthetic effect may be worse.

Some States, for example, diseases accompanied by changes in blood clotting that can lead to life-threatening complications - massive bleeding, thrombosis, and so on.

Features of the patient

It is not very clear concept of the combined group of contraindications associated with a number of conditions. For example, if the patient expects from operations more than she can give, the surgeon has the right to refuse him, to avoid conflicts and accusations of illiteracy. Such people are few, but some believe that if you give money for the surgery, rhinoplasty, which prices can be quite high, should make all their dreams of a perfect appearance. Also in this group are objective obstacles, such as the inability of post-operative observations, which should be held during the year.

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