Contraceptive pills do not cause weight

Researchers from the University of Oregon Science and Health denied a common misconception that oral contraceptives cause weight. Study author doctor of medical Sciences Alison Edelman noted that now on the Internet extensively discusses the impact of contraceptives on weight. Women often refuse from this type of contraceptives because they are afraid to gain weight. Fear of weight reduces the overall level of birth control and leads to risks of unplanned pregnancy.

Researchers Colo years have studied the effects of contraceptives on rhesus macaques, whose reproductive system is very similar to the human system. The experiment involved two groups of macaques with normal weight and obesity, all of them received the contraceptive pill for eight months in accurate calculation of the dose of the drug on body weight. Scientists strictly watched, and how much feed the macaques, whether they are active, whether changes in muscle and fat mass in their bodies.

Scientists found that the body weight of monkeys with normal weight has not changed, and monkeys with obesity have lost about 8.5 percent of the mass of the body. Some macaques improved metabolism ,and they were able to lose weight by 12 percent. Physical activity and the proportion of muscle mass in macaques did not change.

The research proved that contraceptives do not cause weight gain.

According to scientists, the myth of completeness and oral contraceptives was born due to the fact that using them for several years women just gain weight in relation to age-related changes. Not a myth is that some of protivozachatochnye tablets can cause serious illness and we wrote about it earlier.

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