Contour the face

Almost every woman dreams for as long as possible to prolong youth, but the first wrinkles can already see the 25 - year-old girls. If this point is not to do with their appearance, then that can only worsen.

One of the most common and effective non-surgical methods, which offer clinics of aesthetic medicine, is the contour of the face. This is a simple cosmetic procedure which removes fine wrinkles, skin regains smartness, firmness and youthfulness.

Contouring procedure without the use of surgical instruments, for defects, scars and wounds are excluded. To adjust the face apply the gel fillers with high concentration of the active substance and viscosity.

To begin with, the doctor conducts an examination, after which identifies places that are subject to correction. Using a syringe with microneedles is introduced under the skin in small doses gel, which includes hyaluronic acid, gradually filling the subcutaneous space and creates the right amount. This preserves the full sterility, as the filler is initially Packed in a separate syringe and all needles and syringes are disposable. The filler is injected under the skin to a depth of 1.5 to 2.8 mm.

The procedure effect is noticeable even in the process: directly under the needle, the skin is smoothed, the metabolic processes are activated on a cellular level. For some time the skin is slightly swollen and there is redness, but such phenomena are rapidly disappearing. Depending on the preparation procedure contouring keeps the skin taut from 4 months to 1.5 years.

There is no need to perform the plasticity of the whole person, the variability of the procedure depends on what part of the face you want to edit. Many women do contouring plastic lips, creating greater bulk, additionally eliminating small defects. The most common procedure - plastic nasolabial folds, which is suitable for people of women in the "middle" age.

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After the procedure is not recommended 2 weeks out in the sun, visit a beautician, sauna, swimming pool, sauna.

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