Contagious yawning identified mutant genes - scientists

Yawning is manifested not only in humans but also in many other mammals. It turned out that "yawning sympathy" is entirely arbitrary and has no relationship with sympathy or empathy for another person. Information was published in the journal Plos One.

Assumptions of scientists are based around genetic theory. All humans should be reflected in the genes. It is possible that there is a certain "gene yawning," and it is associated with the development of diseases such as schizophrenia or autism. Previously it was assumed that contagious yawning is social in nature. This theory was disproved after studies of the behaviour of three hundred Americans.

Volunteers invited to watch a short video in which someone is always yawned. It turned out that during the period of viewing more than half of the volunteers yawned at least once. Some individuals attacked a real yawn - a couple of minutes they managed to blunder up to 15 times. During analysis, scientists have shown that the frequency of yawning had no connection with the level of intelligence, empathy and other characteristics.

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Scientists from Duke University in Durham believe that social yawning can be explained by the presence of mutations in certain genes. There is speculation about the relationship "gene yawning and genes responsible for the development of autism and schizophrenia.

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