Contact with the sperm of the father is the key to a successful pregnancy

According to ABC News, scientists from the University of Adelaide conducted a study that found the role of semen in the preparation of the female immune to the appearance of the fruit. According to them, in case of contact with sperm that have taken place over 3-6 months before conception, there is a reduced risk of complications such as preeclampsia and abnormal child development.

On the basis of the work with mice proved: at what level in the body of the expectant mother are immune regulatory T cells, depends on the frequency of contact with seminal fluid. These cells, as previously established, is neutorgena fruit of a woman's body.

It turns out that the acquisition of woman and child problems associated with barrier methods of contraception or casual encounters. Here is the equitable principle of acting in organ transplantation. Within 9 months the fetus develops in the body, being alien tissue. For its normal development of immunological tolerance.

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As a result of contact with the sperm of the father, first, the immune system of women is prepared in such a way that ensures the recognition of the unique immunological sign men (major histocompatibility complex). Secondly, formation of a less aggressive towards the immunity environment suitable for carrying.

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