Contact lenses for myopia

Myopia - that is, myopia, is a common eye disease in which a person is not clearly distinguish objects at far distances, so he often has to squint to consider your items. Looking at something near, people with myopia bring objects close to the eyes. At this time, the eye muscles much strain, tired, thereby provoked an even greater weakening of eyesight.

Today, most of such problems, solve contact lenses for myopia. This does not prevent the use of points as an additional means of vision correction, or as a fallback in case of loss of the lens. Unlike glasses, contact lens placed directly on the surface of the cornea of the eyeball and is separated only by a layer of tears on the front surface. Due to the similar refractive indices of the material used for the manufacture of contact lenses, cornea and tears, the lens forms a single optical system with the eye. In the end, the eye muscles work in the same way as the healthy eye, so training is weakened accommodation, which is the main cause of the progression of myopia. According to the observations of ophthalmologists, in some cases, contact lenses correct vision up to 2 diopters.

It should be noted that eye tolerated any power lenses, therefore, possible partial or complete correction of myopia any degree. For example, the high degree of myopia, which can be corrected with contact lenses is -35 diopters. When such indicators eyesight lenses is 50% and if you use glasses, it is only 2%. More about myopia can be read here. Due to the fact that between the contact lens and the eye is no so-called vertex distance, as between the eye and the eyeglass lens, objects in CL appear larger than in the glasses, i.e., almost natural size. When a large difference in the degree of myopia in the eyes of the eyeglass correction can cause severe headaches. If you apply the contact correction this is not happening and when making adjustments to get a full binocular vision. The field of view in CL broader than in glasses, increased clarity, depth and contrast of the image.

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It was found that patients with moderate and high myopia using ΜL, noted a significant improvement in quality of life, increased self-confidence.

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