Contact lenses alter the microflora of the eye

People who use contact lenses, more likely to suffer infectious diseases of the eye. Scientists conducted a survey of 10 volunteers wearing contact lenses every day, and 11 people managing without them, writes WebMD.

The microflora of the eyes in the first group was more like that found on the skin of the eyelid. On the surface of the eye while wearing lenses accumulate more bacteria. This is the main risk factor for infections of the organ of vision. The average number of bacteria on the surface of the eyeball people who wore lenses was three times higher than in the control group.

Now experts are trying to establish the reasons of the lenses changes the microflora of the eye. This is probably due to the fact that the lenses need to be put on and off, and most people use fingers for this, where a lot of germs. There is another theory: lens suppresses local immunity and creates conditions for bacteria.

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