Contact lens. How to make the right choice?

Today, the choice of contact lenses is very high. Optics are full of posters of different brands, well known in the market and brand new. How to make the right choice? Together with store contact lenses Lensmark will try to understand the types and functions of different lenses.

There are several categories of lenses with different purpose:

to change the color of the eyes

for vision correction


1. Using colored lenses can increase the intensity of your natural color of the iris or to change it. Also, recently appeared lenses, visually increasing the size of the eye. In such lenses, the radius of the iris which comes to 15 mm, you can get a more expressive look, and if desired, even the effect of "anime". Assortment of colored lenses is wide enough, and to choose one pair of them is quite difficult. Consult with an ophthalmologist in optics, the doctor will tell you which lens is right for you based on the requirements for the care and current health status of the eye. And so the choice of colors will remain yours.

2. When choosing lenses, corrective vision, the choice a little harder. In addition to such technical characteristics as the number of diopters and the radius of curvature of the lenses are divided into several groups according to the time of wearing, namely:

6 months

3 months

1 month

2 weeks

1 day

Contact lenses extended wear (3-6 months) - more dense, rarely injured, but quite easily washed from the eye, for example, when diving. One of the advantages you can allocate enough affordable price, the cons - lack of breathability. By the end of the day, the eye these lenses look tired and red. These lenses are comfortable for daily wearing no more than 6 hours. After this period, in the eyes, feel the discomfort and dryness. When buying lenses with long term wear, it is advisable to buy moisturizing drops. These drops help at the first signs of eye fatigue. Lenses with a period of wear from 3 months to six months is a great option for those who alternates wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Lenses with short term wear (from 2 weeks up to 3 months) have a lower density, better fit to the eye and have greater permeability than lenses for long-term use. Price range acceptable to most buyers, however, as the comfort of wearing. This type of lens is the most popular at the moment. There are lenses from this category that do not require taking off at night and handling. They can walk up to 30 days continuously. Thanks to the silicone hydrogel material from which the lens is made, the eyes are not tired, well supplied with oxygen and does not require additional moisture.

One-day lenses have the best characteristics for wearing. They are extremely thin and light, have the greatest permeability and contain enough moisture to eyes did not feel discomfort, even to the end of the day. The beauty of this type of lenses is a complete lack of care for them. They do not need to wash and store, after a day socks, they can be immediately thrown out. But there is one significant disadvantage is the price. With all the variety of brands and models, it remains quite high. One-day lenses - perfect for business trips or vacations, but also for people with sensitive eyes that can't stand lenses longer term wear.

Corrective lenses also vary according to the material from which they are made:

The hydrogel.


What's the difference? In preserving the moisture of the eyes. Lenses made from silicone-hydrogel especially suitable for people with dry eye syndrome. As for breathability, both types of lenses have almost the same coefficient and the difference when wearing it is not felt.

4. Astigmatic lenses are prescribed by a doctor strictly on the grounds of health. They are a little thicker than usual corrective lenses, and are intended for the treatment of astigmatism.

In any case, when choosing lenses, you should consult with an ophthalmologist. After examination of the eyes in optics, the doctor will recommend several options based on the current status of eye health, working conditions and the possibility of compliance with the care of lenses. The choice as always is yours.

A good purchase!

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