Consumption unloved products in the diet is fraught reverse effect

A new study by British scientists found that almost one third of women are getting from diets opposite effect: instead of lose weight, women, on the contrary, gained almost two pounds of weight. At first glance this is illogical, but true. American nutritionists have tried to Supplement the study of their British colleagues, and I think they succeeded. Their research, in turn, showed that the average age of a woman who sits for the first time on the diet, ranging from 15 to 20 years. Starting from this age, women follow a diet for 3 or more times annually.

According to the Americans, the problem of weight gain is that most diets requires fairly strict rules, and this leads to the fact that the woman's body automatically starts to save fat or replaces the deficiency of nutrients, such as: fats, proteins or carbohydrates. In addition, diet is no more maneuvers or person adheres to it or not. If failure occurs, then the diet is abandoned completely. This is often due to emotional overeating.

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In addition, during the diet you have to eat those foods that he likes. Because of this begin producing stress hormones, and increases food cravings. So if you are on a diet it is necessary to continue to take in food favorite foods, just in much smaller quantities. True, not all diets are delicious and a favorite of many products, and most people love: cheese, wine, chocolate, bread, and chips. No one diet does not oblige them mandatory consumption. Experts also recommend eating these products, but in limited quantities.

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