Consumption of nuts and nut oil has beneficial effects on cardiac function

A recent study found that walnuts and cooked them in oil to reduce cholesterol in the blood, which in turn lowers the likelihood of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

This randomized study was conducted by experts at tufts University in Pennsylvania. Scientists took 15 random people who were divided into 4 groups. All volunteers cholesterol was normal. In addition, before the beginning and at the end of the experiment were conducted analyses to establish biochemical and physiological parameters.

The participants of the first group ate each day 85 grams of whole walnuts, the second group - 6 grams peel them, participants of the third group took in food 34 grams of low-fat pre-walnut kernels, and volunteers from the fourth group each day gave 51 grams of oil from walnuts. As it turned out, even the use of a single nut oil improves the condition of blood vessels. The most positive effects of walnut oil accounted for cells of blood vessels, a condition which is very important to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In volunteers who consumed whole walnuts, the level of "good" cholesterol increased, the level of "bad" cholesterol began to plummet.

Held earlier research work has already been established that eating walnuts and walnut oil helps the body deal with stress. In that study has not been established exactly which substances contained in walnut, have an impact on lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. In the latter study was able to install them. Thus, in walnuts contain phytosterols, gamma-tocopherol and alpha-linolenic acid, which improve heart function.

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