Consultation of the gynecologist is the main step on the way to a woman's health

Unfortunately, most women, not even suspecting that have any gynecological disease do not seek help from professionals. Consultation of the gynecologist will help to get rid of serious problems, as detected infection is easier to treat.

When you need to consult with gynecologist

First consultation of the gynecologist decided to spend 18 years, or earlier if it was sex. Be examined by a gynecologist is recommended twice a year. And this is especially important when changing partner, since it increases the risk of acquiring bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and chlamydia.

Often diseases are asymptomatic, and the activated form is one of the causes of premature births, ectopic pregnancies and infertility. There is a high probability of HIV infection in the presence of gynecological infection significantly reduced the immunity of the person.

Reasons for consultation

- 15 years ago, but still no menstruation.

- The mother during pregnancy took diethylstilbestrol used to prevent premature birth.Now it is included in the list of prohibited substances: it was revealed that his daughter can get cancer of the uterus and cervix.

Is menstruation painful or heavy (more than 10 days).

- Vaginal bleeding outside the loop.Itching, burning, discharge, sharp smell, pain.

- When you have sex you can feel the pain and discomfort.

- Delay in your menstrual cycle.

- Burning sensation during urination.

- In the genital area are irritation or rash.

Selection and their characteristics

All women, regardless of health status is the selection. Some they always remain transparent, but the others can acquire a yellowish tinge, becoming thicker.

About the presence of fungal infection (candidiasis) show a white cheesy mass, accompanied by itching. The reason liquid, colorless with an unpleasant smell can be bacterial vaginosis. When trichomoniasis they are greenish with a pungent smell.

Factors that contribute to the development of infection

Often the provoke infection antibiotics, contraceptives (pill), pregnancy, diabetes. In addition, it can develop when you douche, because the vagina is washed out as pathogenic and beneficial bacteria. A variety of tools for the soul also can disturb the natural vaginal flora.

And of course you need to remember that even if you have absolute confidence in your sexual partner should not be neglected by the modern means of protection for safe sexual relations.

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