Constantly keeping a strict diet, you can get mental disorders

Israeli experts have found out that a severe nervous breakdown and even mental illness can be purchased using monotonous and tasteless food.

Experts conducted an experiment in which the conclusion about the ability of tasteless food significantly reduce emotional state, to contribute to the development of fatigue and chronic fatigue. Also, a strict diet of foods that do not meet the taste, can cause a nervous breakdown.

According to the statement of researchers, people with existing symptoms of depression perceive food with even more discomfort until disgust. Such people food is used automatically without awareness of the absorbed amount, which causes weight gain.

It is noteworthy that in the "food" depression often women who observe different diets more than men. In the end, less nutrients gets the brain that sends, in turn, the body signals of tension and anxiety. Because of this, people feel dissatisfaction, most neschastnoi, irritability.

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