Constant stress is one of the main causes of alcoholism

Currently, most people begin to regularly consume alcohol due to accumulated stress. Tension in the area of the brain responsible for pleasure, requires discharge. Often as such a tool is the alcohol.

Indeed, in small doses alcohol helps us relax, improves blood flow, appetite, and improves mood. However, excessive use of alcohol is gradually transformed into an independent factor of stress to the body. So formed alcoholism.

In the experiment, lab rats were subjected to permanent stress. Control group was maintained under conventional conditions. The cells were enough food and water containers and alcohol. It turned out that the presence of stress factors significantly accelerates the development of alcohol dependence in animals.

Scientists point to the data available: the more intense the work, the more employees prefer to relieve stress alcohol consumption. Knowledge about the possible harm of alcohol and not stopped from "Friday of alcoholism" even doctors, well aware of all the consequences.

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