Constant stress at work can be deadly

A study by Spanish scientists found that excessive work load becomes mortally dangerous, because it increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. Scientific work was conducted by specialists from the clinic virgin Victoria in Malaga and the University of Santiago de Compostela. A more detailed study is published in the Scandinavian journal of public health, reports the Daily Mail.

It is known that the risk of heart disease and blood vessels is primarily due to factors such as unbalanced diet, Smoking, inactive lifestyle, and stress. Scientists from Spain conducted a study among 90 000 employees of various institutions in order to establish how stress affects the heart and vessels.

The results of scientific work has shown that due to the permanent location in the state of stress in human body is disturbed lipid metabolism. The change mentioned exchange leads to the fact that the person increases in blood levels of "bad" cholesterol, and the presence of "good" cholesterol begins to decrease. This condition can cause blockage of blood vessels and arteries that leads to heart attack or stroke.

According to one researcher Dr. Carlos Catalina, which is a clinical psychologist and specialist in working with stress, those workers who reported that they are in constant stress at work in the last year, had a greater propensity for the emergence of their dyslipidemia.

The authors of the study recommend to those people who are diagnosed with impaired lipid metabolism and high levels of "bad" cholesterol, to take statins, and to try to protect themselves from stressful situations.

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