Constant quarrels increase the risk of early death

The lack of support from partner causes heart disease and can lead to early death, according to scientists from the University of Utah. The survey proved that relationship, full of quarrels and misunderstanding, cause calcification of the arteries. As a result the wall of the vessel ceases to be elastic, writes The Daily Mail. This increases the risk of sudden early death from a heart attack.

In the study, researchers interviewed 136 pairs, the mean age was 63 years. Scientists specially selected pairs with long life together. Assessed the degree of satisfaction of family life, the level of support in difficult situations. Only one third admitted that the second half support him always. Others doubted, because there were difficult moments, associated with the absence of close contact that was needed.

Next, the researchers examined the state of the vessels by means of computer tomography. The method allowed us to detect calcifications on the walls. Couples without constant support of the degree of vascular lesions of the heart was higher. The effect was not due to gender.

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