Constant hunger is controlled protein Breakfast

A constant feeling of hunger can be controlled with a healthy Breakfast high in protein.

To such conclusion scientists from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

In addition, magnetic resonance tomography of the brain showed that after eating protein-rich foods the brain reduces the number of signals of hunger that makes us snacking before lunch and eat more than we need.

Heather lady understands that all know the importance of Breakfast, but few who really does not neglect them. Lady measured in subjects physiological hunger using hormonal markers. In order to detect the activity of cells of the brain areas involved in motivation positive feelings of the meal were used magnetic resonance imaging.

Statistics show that 60 percent of Teens daily skip Breakfast. In the experiment, teenagers three weeks in a row, continued to skip Breakfast, the part to eliminate the constant feeling of hunger, every morning, ate rich protein foods, grains, milk, Belgian waffles. The participants of the experiment before lunch was performed brain scans to assess the level of activity areas of the brain responsible for hunger. It turned out that after protein Breakfast the level of fullness of participants was much higher, as a consequence they are limited to more moderate lunch. Moreover, after a healthy protein Breakfast people are less prone to harmful snacking, so of power themselves leave harmful foods high in fat and sugar.

Breakfast complete, it will help you to regulate your own appetite, keep the weight under control and most importantly - get rid of the constant feelings of hunger throughout the day. Many people refuse to Breakfast, because I want to sleep until the last before work, but one of the studies also proved that going to sleep after midnight negatively affects the figure. Go to bed early, get up early in the morning and enjoy your health.

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