Constant harassment harms the health of the child

Aggression towards classmates can significantly harm the health of the child. To such conclusion the American scientists. Article on this topic was published in the journal Pediatrics, devoted to the problems of childhood.

Study author Laura Bogart believes that the constant bullying from peers leads to stress and psychological pressure. It depresses the entire body. The problem, she said, need to be solved in the shortest possible time, otherwise pathology may develop into something serious.

Scientists have processed the indicators of the development of more than four thousand children 5-10 classes. Were evaluated for their physical and mental development. In addition, psychologists have learned about the experience of being bullied by classmates.

The findings shocked scientists. Constant aggression and pressure on the child to reduce his self-esteem, provoke the development of depression. Poison the children often fell behind in physical development and had health problems.

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Scientists are encouraged to actively deal with this problem in various ways. First of all, the additional section of interest and a comfortable microclimate in the family. This increases the self-esteem of the child, gives him confidence in the company of peers.

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