Constant consumption of beef leads to breast cancer in women

Women who consume beef in large quantities, often faced with breast cancer to the middle years, reports the News Tonight. Note, talking about the dangers of black meat infest scientists is not the first time. However, it is still unclear the extent of damage.

In the latest study, the researchers analyzed data on health 80 thousand women aged 36 to 45 years. Information was collected in 1991. Then the women completed questionnaires, where he described his daily diet. Analysis of the obtained data has shown that frequent consumption of beef increases the risk of breast cancer by 22%. Women who gave up meat in favor of legumes, nuts and chicken had total increased risk of 17%.

Scientists tell the women to abandon beef. It contains many useful and necessary for the body connections. But to reduce the amount of consumption still stands. This will help to reduce the likelihood of developing breast cancer in old age and will have a positive effect on overall health.

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