Constant conflicts with friends and family lead to early death

Scientists say: the presence of harmonious relations with relatives, friends, colleagues at work is very important for mental and physical health. Experts from the University of Copenhagen conducted a surveillance of almost 10 thousand people in the period from 2000 to 2011.

Scientists watched the coherence with friends, family and acquaintances, confidence, presence or absence of unrest and conflicts in communication. In addition, staff conducted an analysis of the level of emotional support and verified the presence of depressive symptoms in volunteers.

Yes 10 years of research 4% of men and 6% of women died. In half of the cases the cause of death was cancer. Then came cardiovascular disease, liver disease, suicide and accidents.

According to research, 10% of the volunteers believed that the closest people constantly require of them, often keep worrying, 6% of respondents said the conflicts in their lives are not uncommon, 9% complained of frequent quarrels with relatives, friends and neighbors.

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It turned out that the frequent quarrels associated with risk of early death that such patients have an increased 1.5-2 times. The index depends on the frequency of conflicts.

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