Constant communication in social networks reduces the self-esteem of adolescents

The researchers analyzed the 30 thousand profiles of adolescents enrolled in schools. According to the results, over the last seven years, the self-esteem of adolescents is strongly decreased.

Seven years ago, a good self-image had 41% of girls, now this figure has fallen to 8%. Among the guys self-esteem fell by 5% from 55% to 50%.

One of the problems referenced by scientists, and economic crisis. Over the past seven years, many of the European family has revised its budget. Restrictions in leisure, clothing and entertainment have a strong influence on the psyche of the child.

However, the main factor in the reduction of self-esteem, say experts, are the social network. Internet communication is communication in artificial conditions with the ability to put your life on display. Most teenagers trying to talk only about the good in their lives, which creates a totally erroneous picture of the world of the teenager.

Scientists advise parents to frequently communicate with their children and explain to them all the consequences of full immersion in the world of Internet communication.

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