Conservative and surgical methods for the treatment of BPH

Because BPH is plagued men over 50 (according to statistics, more than 80% of the representatives of a strong half of mankind suffer from symptoms of the disease), it is not surprising that the experts have developed many methods of combating disease. Among them as surgery and medication, as well as a variety of alternative ways.

To determine which prevention assign the patient, doctors use International Prostatic option Score - table consisting of eight questions. They are all related to the evaluation of problems with urination: how often should a man have to get up at night to go to the toilet, if he feels a sudden urge, observes whether intermittent streams, etc. For each answer a certain number of points. Counting the total, experts prescribe:

At the moment, urologists can offer two groups of medications that reduce the symptoms of BPH, is an adrenergic blockers and 5-alpha-reductase. First reduce the muscle tone of the bladder neck. At the expense of xatral or hytrin able in a few days to normalize urodynamics.

Drugs belonging to the second group, are much slower. Their task is to prevent the transition of the hormone testosterone into its active form. Proscar and avodart gradually reduce the size of the prostate: sometimes to get rid of the symptoms required for a few months. All information about this disease is well told on this site.

People who are interested in, is there an operation for adenoma of the prostate, doctors say - Yes, and this method is most effective. The most radical way is an open prostatectomy is a surgical procedure through an incision in the bladder wall. So the surgeons remove the large tumor - weighing more than 40 grams.

When the tumor is small or treatment should a young man who plans to conduct a sexual life, experts recommend TOUR transurethral resection. In this case, access to the body through the urethra. It should be noted that there are constraints that prevent the holding of the TOUR: this is the large size of the tumors and renal failure.

Another gentle treatment method is laser ablation. Using a special installation tissue of BPH heated to evaporation temperature, thereby the size of the body is significantly reduced.

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