Connection found, contributing to the breakdown of fat

Scientists at the Vienna University of veterinary medicine have found a compound that can increase fat breakdown, writes Remedium. Preparations on the basis of this substance is able to revolutionize the treatment of obesity. It turns out that fatty acids coupled with aldehyde 3-hydroxy-2-nonenal have an activating effect on protein UCP. This protein is part of the mitochondria, which are responsible for rapid intracellular digestion. Particularly the action is expressed in brown adipose tissue, which is able to process the excess white fat into heat and energy.

The present study proved that the combination of fatty acids and noneal gives a positive result and helps people get rid of extra pounds. In addition, this bundle has an antioxidant effect and protects cells from oxidative processes. The researchers plan to further explore the pharmaceutical action of substances for drug development based on them. Perhaps this will give impetus to the development of a universal remedy against excess weight.

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