Conducted testing of TB vaccines has shown its inefficiency

It was recently conducted a trial of a new TB vaccine, MVA85A, which ended in failure. Such large-scale testing has not been conducted since the moment in 1921 was introduced BCG vaccine.

This vaccine against tuberculosis scientists tested within two years 2794 healthy children from South Africa, which at the time of the study were between 4 and 6 months. Half of the children scientists were given the vaccine and the other half a placebo.

In the end it turned out that in the same group, where the children had been inoculated with the vaccine, 32 ill child, and in the group where the children were given placebo and 39. Thus, the efficacy of the vaccine is 17 percent.

Professor Helen McShane of Oxford University participated in the development of vaccines for more than ten years. But, unfortunately, at the moment, only proved that the vaccine is safe and that it is able to induce an immune response in adults.

It should be recalled that in the world suffer from tuberculosis 8.7 million people. Every year, tuberculosis is becoming a cause of about 1.4 million deaths. In addition, tuberculosis is the leading cause of death among South Africans who are HIV-positive status.

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