Conducted study on the topic of alcohol revealed a paradoxical facts

Specialists of the company Synovate Comcon conducted a study which revealed that Russian men who have family and work, often drink vodka than unemployed bachelors, RBC reports.

The obtained results are somewhat paradoxical, but the main non-drinkers in Russia are unmarried men. Among them, less than lovers of vodka than among widowers (30.7 per cent) and men who live in a civil marriage (25,8%). And married men are 2 times more likely to drinks than men who do not have family.

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Was identified as one rather surprising fact: among working people in Russia the percentage of injecting vodka higher than among the unemployed - 35,2% and 24.4% respectively. However, it was found that suffering from obesity Russians are more prone to drinking vodka in comparison with men, with underweight, or with those representatives of the male population, whose weight is normal.

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