Conducted large-scale research will allow you to diagnose cancer at an early stage

According to experts, the largest study that has proven that cancer has a genetic nature, will allow in the future to make even more effective the fight with cancer. Science now know more about how to develop malignancies. More than 1, thousands of scientists took part in a large-scale study, which lasted seven years all over the world, the result of which was the addition of genetic markers in the database of cancer. These markers involved in the development of prostate tumors, ovarian and breast. During this time, scientists were able to detect more than 80 new markers.

During the international study analyzed data of more than two hundred thousand people, half of whom suffered from cancer, and the other part was healthy. The result of the study was the identification of 23 new genetic variations that have been associated with high risk of prostate cancer. Thus, the scientists will be able to identify people who have a greater propensity for the development of cancer. Timely detection of these people will give scientists the ability to assign preventive measures, thereby preventing the disease. And the patients will be treated using the latest methods of treatment of oncological diseases. It should be noted that the timely detection of the disease always increases the chances of complete healing, so the detection of genetic predisposition to cancer is extremely important.

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