Condom use has a positive effect on the health of the woman

As reported by The Times of India, such contraception, such as condoms, not only to help not to get pregnant and not catching a venereal disease, but a positive effect on the reproduction of beneficial bacteria found in a woman's vagina.

Researchers from the Beijing friendship hospital conducted an experiment among women with an active sex life, which used condoms. As it turned out, this part of the women in the vagina was found more beneficial bacteria, in contrast to those who took oral contraception.

Special attention doctors drew on bacteria of the species Lactobacillus, as there were significantly more than the others. These bacteria contribute to the formation of lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which in turn support a suitable pH equal to 4.5. This indicator is compared with a beer drink or juice from the tomatoes.

In other words, when using condoms in the woman's vagina is formed unsuitable environment for harmful bacteria. Lactobacillus reduce the risk of bacterial vaginosis. And, in General, the presence and predominance of beneficial bacteria helps to reduce the risk of HIV disease.

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