Conditioned reflex therapy (encoding) from alcoholism

Alcoholism leads to alcoholic myopathy, uniting disease with the presence of pathological processes in skeletal muscle and internal organs. Pathology is inextricably linked with carbohydrate and protein metabolism under the influence of toxins ethanol and products of metabolism.

Conditioned reflex therapy or coding from alcoholism is one of the effective methods of treatment of alcoholics. Used versiona therapy in which a patient person develop and fix conditional reflex: nausea and vomiting at the smell or taste of alcohol. You must be at least 20-25 treatment sessions.

During the passage of this treatment by family and close friends must support a drinking person, to strengthen his faith in the possibility of recovery, prevent relapse and using herbs and prescribed treatment to stop alcohol addiction.

The encoding process is built on the suppression of the patient's body by the use of poisonous drugs (Disulfiram, Antabuse, Teturama, Asperula), reinforcing its poisonous properties and leading to painful sensations when combined with alcoholic beverages.

To suppress the mind and to develop a psychological fear of the use of suggestion to patients in a state of hypnosis. When encoding can overwhelm the body and mind, establishing in the mind of the patients sustained the Association of alcohol with pain, fear and poisoning. The procedure can be carried in a soft or hard forms of influence.

How is the coding procedure

Initially, the patient is the introduction of one of the poisonous drugs, then it is introduced into a trance with the help of hypnosis. With the obvious effects of the poison, the psychiatrist performs the pressure on the eye or the solar plexus, creating pain and instructed the patient fears are different, appropriate, words, promises terrible suffering by drinking alcohol.

During the session used sound effects: the laughter, the sounds of transport, speaking and otherwise. Then the patient is told to forget everything that happened during the session in order to deeply hide the memory of all deep in the subconscious.

Consequences after encoding from alcoholism

Just when one thought about alcohol subconscious will remind the patient that hidden deep (said the doctor): it would be nausea with depressive thoughts about the terrible suffering or death when the alcohol starts to hurt the eyes or in the location of the solar plexus (the places that pushed the doctor).

In the case of alcohol, the patient will experience painful and disgusting sensation in the organs, to come strong vomiting and will increase the fear of death. After this, the patient will be afraid to even think about alcohol.

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