Concussion in children is reflected throughout later life

Even after several years after a concussion it is possible to find pathological changes in the nervous system related to child trauma. About it tell results of research of specialists from the University of Illinois. The materials of the scientific work can be found on the pages of the journal International Journal of Psychophysiology.

Scientists have studied the brain activity of 30 children 8-10 years. 15 of them in the earlier years, suffered a concussion of the brain. Even after two years and more after injury, the experts diagnosed disorders of vital functions related to the nervous system.

Children with trauma worse cope with tests on fast memory, reacted more slowly to stimuli, often students from the control group could not find a solution for non-standard tasks requiring logical and creative thinking.

Researchers recommend that parents closely monitor their children. Even minor head trauma in the first years of life may affect the child's health to a more conscious years.

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