Computers and smartphones make children drowsy and tired

It is hard to imagine life today without modern technology. Laptops, phones and tablets have become an integral part of life not only adults but also children. In recent research, scientists have proven that excessive gadgets leads to chronic fatigue and constant sleepiness in children.

Kids get wrapped up in the virtual world, which takes considerable time. Sometimes games and websites take the child sleep, causing sleep deprivation, irritability and stress.

Data were established in a study involving children aged 10-12 years. The children have previously completed questionnaires, for a certain period of time they wore bracelets, registering a time of wakefulness and sleep.

After analyzing the collected data, the researchers saw that most of the children goes to bed late, preferring before going to sleep a few hours playing computer games or watch movies on TV. In addition to the extra load on the eyes, this game drains the nervous system.

Experts advise parents to closely monitor how the child sleeps and spends time on the computer and phone.

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