Computer games improve cognitive function of a person

Experts from Duke University in the city of Durham in the study came to the conclusion that video games improve cognitive function of a person. Fans of computer games better cope with the issues of your wits, and we also have the best reaction. To this opinion reached by scientists in the result of carried out among students of the study. Half of the volunteers were fans of computer games, and other participants have never played video games, according to ITAR-TASS.

During the experiment, scientists included flashing letters on a special monitor. Each letter blinked one tenth of a second, and then the scientists asked the participants to answer the question, in what order the letters light up. As shown by the results of the study, the gamers left far behind the rest of the participants in the research. As it turned out, gamers remember more information than students who are indifferent to computer games.

Scientists cause these results to the fact that the visual center of the brain gamers processes the information faster. This phenomenon is due to the fact that video games stimulate hand-eye coordination, and reflex functions of the body.

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