Computer games help older people with depression

Scientists from China and the United States argue that computer games can be useful for older people with depressive symptoms. Games help activate the brain and to redirect destructive thoughts in a more or less constructive way.

For the experiment, scientists took 272 persons aged 50-88 years, all exhibited signs of severe depression. Antidepressants did not help, the pathology was uncomfortable for many people to live a normal life.

For controls was collected control group of 250 people with symptoms of depression who took the same drug from the group of antidepressants. The experiment took four weeks.

Volunteers from the first group played computer games every day. Many such therapy has helped to get rid of obsessive thoughts, increase their activity and reduce symptoms of depression.

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According to the research results, the efficiency of the correct computer games would be on par with modern antidepressants. Scientists propose to use a new technique in treatment of depression and in cases where drug therapy does not produce the desired effect.

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