Computer games have a positive effect on the brain in older people

As shown by the results of a study conducted by scientists from the UK, computer games benefit for seniors. Video games rejuvenate the brain activity of elderly people.

In scientific work, the head of which became Professor Fred Wolinsky, was attended by 700 persons of both sexes, the age at the time of the experiment was more than 50 years. Volunteers played in the famous puzzle game "Road Tour". The meaning of the game is that it is necessary to recognize and remember the different characters and objects. Each subsequent level the game becomes more complex.

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The authors of the study claim that regular use of such equipment rejuvenates the brain of the player, on average, three years. The speed of processing the received information and care "younger", on average, seven years. One year after the end of the experiment, the scientists again explored his former participants and concluded that the effect is preserved. Researchers determine the fact that the game improved several brain functions such as memory, peripheral vision, attention, and speed of information processing.

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